Boeri Bros

100% all beef traditional South African style sausage

Story of the sausage

When the settlers in South Africa forged their way from Cape Town inland, it was called The Great Trek. They used every drop of meat from any animal felled by making boerewors. The intestine of the animals used to encase the minced meat which had been mixed with spices and cured naturally by the sun and the wind. What was not cured was cooked fresh over hot coals in a coiled sausage formation.  Boeri bros is proud to bring these unique tastes and flavours with our supporting range of sauces and relishes to Melbourne. 


Sausages are rolled fresh daily at Protea Foods in Moorabbin, who have been making and selling this sausage for over 30 years in Melbourne.  Our rolls are prepped by hand every morning at Baking for Sofia on Glenhuntly road, Elsternwick by one of Melbourne‚Äôs most exciting and talented young bakers.


We use Mrs Balls (1914) famous range of South African chutneys and relishes

- OriginalPeachHot ChilliX Hot -


Siracha (1980) chilli sauce (USA)

Linghams (1908) a sweet and spicy, unique and versatile, deliciously 100% natural sauce



Boer = Farmer + Wors = Sausage

Boerewors = Farmer Sausage


Droe = Dry

Dry sausage (naturally cured boerewors)